Hiring a Tree Company

Things to consider when hiring a tree company

Cody Tree Services reminds you of some important considerations to make while selecting a qualified tree service company:

Is the company…

  • Environmentally sound?
  • Certified Arborist?
    Certified Arborists are trained and well equipped to provide proper care for your trees. Cody Tree Service is dedicated to employing only highly skilled and trained staff.
  • Are they Insured?
    Cody Tree Service gladly provides documented proof of liability insurance and WCB coverage as part of every estimate. Click here* to see Cody Tree’s WCB clearance letter.
  • Does the company employ an environmentally friendly approach to fulfill the duties they provide?
  • Are they municipally approved?
    Municipally approved contractors are allowed to remove or prune trees located on municipal land. Cody Tree Service specializes in Arborist reports and permit applications for Okanagan Lake and other riparian area permits.